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    Games are not telecommunications. They're entertainment. Get over it.

    It would have been interesting to get more information.

    First of all, I take issue with this quote here:

    "As we've seen, developing worlds for the blind meant radically reconsidering what constituted a "virtual environment,""

    First of all, Blind is actually a very vague terms that covers a fairly large range of vision. Someone blind could have zero light perception, or they could just have blury vision beyond a certain threshold.

    We have no idea where this kid is on the spectrum. We have no idea (or at least as the readers of the article don't. I really hope you at least read the actual complaint)what sort of accommodations the kid is asking for, so we have no way of determining how "reasonable" his request is.

    Is he asking for a bigger font in text bubbles? Captions for voice and sound? Most people read this article and think he's asking Sony to change the whole game, and your quote mentioned above goes pretty far to enforce that perception.

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